By Industry

Information Technology

Now more than ever, concerns about information security and employee safety are top of mind for human resources and security professionals in IT industry. Knowing who you are hiring and granting facility or system access has become even more important as you strive to improve the quality and safety of your staff, ensure client data safety, protect sensitive information and help your organization build a trusted brand.
Increasingly more and more organizations are realizing that data and employee security cannot be compromised and they are looking at new ways to mitigate risk related to the data and employees.

Business Process Outsourcing

Working in an industry where attrition is high and data theft is on the rise? Management wants the empty seats to be filled ASAP but wants a strict control on the budget and wants no dent in the profitability?
BPO/ call centers have a unique challenge as often these services are offered remotely and operators have wealth of information on the customers. Wealth of information coupled with loose data privacy laws make a lethal combination. As HR professionals this increases our responsibility to hire screened employees in a timely and cost effective manner and our solution does just that.
Whether you are big or small, our implementation team can set you up in no time to deliver a world class solution which you can leverage with your clients.

Financial Services

Like never before banks and financial institutions are being asked to screen employees and new customers under Know Your Employee “KYE” and Know Your Customer “KYC”. At the same time the board expects the organization to stay agile, quick decision maker and respond to ever changing needs of the marketplace, customers and regulatory agencies. At DigiVerifi we understand that the data you deal with is super sensitive and you need a solution which is hassle free, quick to implement and meet the ever increasing needs of your internal and external customer requirements.
Our solutions allow you to screen and select employees per the guidelines laid by Patriotic Act, Sarbnes-Oxley, FFIEC and FDIC.