Periodic Employment Check

Do you know that Employment Screening results are not static?

More and more HR professionals are now realizing that there is a need to do employment checks on a regular basis. There is no guarantee that an employee who cleared the screening process at the time of hiring will not indulge in unlawful activities after joining your firm.

From a security perspective the damage which an existing employee can do to the company is far greater as compared to a new employee.

Our Ongoing Screening Process allows companies to implement a proven process which allows them to mitigate risk on an ongoing basis. Ongoing screening works like an early warning system and allows you to identify issues before they become too big to handle.

Following checks are recommended for Ongoing Screening Process.

Address Verification

Check if the candidate’s residence matches with company records.

Media Check

DigiVerifi has access to thousands of media and press sources across the globe. This rich database also allows you to gain access to criminal and other offences which get reported.

Database Check

Data source which connects you to records related to civil litigation, criminal cases, credit and loan defaults .

Drug / Substance abuse

Must have for all customer facing roles. Conducted in partnership with reputed laboratories all over the world.