Why DigiVerifi

Industry Experience

With DigiVerifi you will be working with some of the smartest brains in the background screening business. Over 105K hours of collective experience will give the required edge to make your screening program a success within your organization.


We understand that data security is of paramount importance to you and your potential employees and it is our constant endeavor to ensure highest level of privacy and security. We mitigate potential data breach by implementing following:
  • Candidate’s consent
    DigiVerifi does not start any work unless and until we have obtained the consent of the candidate. The consent we take is limited to background screening and nothing else.
  • No conflicting business
    A lot of times data breaches have happened when you deal with companies which operate in conflicting business areas. We at DigiVerifi are in no conflicting business like recruitments and guarding.
  • Restricted access
    Our internal operations team can access data only for specific clients. This limited access exposes your data to people on need to know basis. This access can be modified as the business grows.
  • Strong password policies
  • Regular training is provided to employees regarding latest trends in data security and privacy related topics


Our tailor-made solutions are not only flexible but also ensures that they expand with client’s needs. Hiring in big numbers for that new multi million dollar account? With DigiVerifi you can be sure that we will manage the screening for you so that you can focus on your core business. We deliver on demand solutions to our clients.


We understand that starting anything new is always a challenge and your dedicated implementation support manager at DigiVerifi will diligently work with you to overcome any teething issues. Your implementation manager will hand hold you through the entire process so that implementation/ transition becomes painless for your organization. We will be using proven project management technologies and methodologies so that you can smile.

Global Partnerships

Opening a new office overseas or need more information on laws related to employment screening and data privacy? DigiVerifi works with major regional players across the globe so that we can provide global delivery to our customers. Click here to see what can be checked in which country.

Local Knowhow

No two regions are same and as your screening partners we have the required local knowhow so that we can deliver on time. We have our own employees and affiliates who are trained and specialize in specific regions. This becomes more important and evident in the developing economies as most of the data is maintained manually and is highly de-centralized. Lack of unique identifier also adds to the problem. Our local experts will help you no matter where you are located.